Written & performed by Witold Chandra
Lyrics: Marcus Kylén & Witold Chandra
Vocals: Marcus Kylén & Witold Chandra


I will be the one to fight
And I will be the one to hunt
And I am strong against all beasts
And I will guard you by my side
I’m to protect, not to care
To be there, not to share

I will always be prepared
To ward of all the luring threats
And then I’ll strive to keep you ’live
There’s always risk and danger to be met
I need to rest
Oh will I be there for you?

The man, the man
I’m the wonderful man
I am

And as my love turns to mere grace,
Shelter turns to patronage
I belonged, now I posess
A fortress for my fears I built
I am what I’m not
Trying hard to keep out of all that

So I am caught up in between
Living only when I’m keen
Wishing for a moment’s rage
The moment I could live for real
In a dream this could be
The place for you and me?

The man, the man
I’m the wonderful man
I am

The man
To compete and contest
To win, to excess, to impress, to agress,
To exclude
To inure
To obtain
To enlist
To suppress
To restrain
To subdue
To compete and to win
To transcend
And excel
To face it all
To get the most

I’m the man
I’m your man







The Man

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